• Magnum Blue Label 2015

Magnum Blue Label 2015


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The quality of the 2015 harvest is equally well expressed by the Magnum version of the Blue Label, a wine with a defining intense, almost impenetrable ruby-red hue.

It exhibits a strong bouquet of perfumes, highlighting notes of chocolate, coffee and ripe fruit. Its rich tannins are well cast in the heart of its gustatory bouquet, that of a sunny Mediterranean wine which blends grace and power and is well-suited to age throughout the years.

The Magnum edition of the Blue Label encapsulates the soul of the High Maremma Toscana, summoning a most characteristic air of luscious, pulpy ripe fruit.

Podere La Pace

Podere Biancospino 65 A/B - Massa Marittima, Loc. Vivoli - 58024 (GR) Italy

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