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We obtain this grappa by distilling select Chardonnay and Viognier grapes. The marc is brought still dripping with juice to Nannoni Grappe, a premium Tuscan distillery; this is done within 24 hours of pressing, so as to preserve the marc’s aromatic complexities. Distillation is performed in small copper stills, using a discontinuous steam distillation methodology.

The grappa’s defining almond and apricot highlights make for an intense and vivacious flavor. It is soft and balanced on the palate, with an excellent aromatic complexity.

Alcoholic volume: 42%
Annual production: 400
Bottle capacity: Ml: 700

Podere La Pace

Podere Biancospino 65 A/B - Massa Marittima, Loc. Vivoli - 58024 (GR) Italy

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