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The following text describes the website’s management praxes in processing private data that belongs to users visiting it. It informs all those interacting with the enterprise’s web services, which can be viewed at the initial address: www.poderelapace.com. In so doing, this note refers to the standard provision in matters of data privacy and protection, the D. Lgs. N. 196/2003, entitled “Act on the Protection of Private Data” (henceforth referred to as “Code”).

This note only pertains the website on which it is made public and not other websites that can be surfed by the user by means of web links. Visiting the web site indicated above implies acceptance of the provisions described in this Privacy Policy.

On the Owner of data processing

A visit to this website may make it possible for the Owner to access and process Personally Identifiable Information. The Owner of data processing is: La Pace S.r.l. Società Agricola, with legal address at Podere Bianco Spino 65, Massa Marittima (GR), IT 58024, and VAT identification number (P.IVA) 01409920533.

On the location of data processing

Processing related to this website’s services takes place at the aforementioned location and is exclusively overseen either by the appointed Office’s technical personnel or by independent contractors appointed to carry out maintenance duties. No data derived from these web services is communicated or disseminated. Private data provided by users enquiring about informational material is exclusively employed to fulfil the requested service.

Types of processed data

The owner’s operating system and software integrated in the website for its optimal function collect technical data from the user while s/he is browsing the website. The transmission of such data is standard and implicit in the usage of internet protocols.

This data is not collected to be identified with users of interest or any individuals; due to its own nature, it could, however, enable identification of the user through manipulation and processing in conjunction with further third party data.

Data of this kind includes, but is not limited to: IP address, browser type, operating system, the host, URL of origin, time of web access request, size of the response files, and various other data pertaining to the user’s IT setup and environment.

The Owner may use such data in aggregate and anonymous form for statistical analysis of the website’s access, and will delete it immediately after such a usage. This data may be used in investigations in case of cybercrimes affecting the website. It will, however, neither be disclosed to third parties nor be subject to dissemination.

Data voluntarily provided by the user

The optional, explicit and voluntary provision of e-mail addresses and other private data by a user in formulating a request on this website implies its acquisition by the latter in order to address and execute such requests.

The presence in such requests (be they, for instance, messages, advertisements of communications) of any data classified as “sensitive” (within the meaning of art. 4 of the Code), will lead to their immediate destruction.


No private data is intentionally acquired by the website. Cookies are not used for the transmission of private data, and no so-called persistent cookies of any kind are used.

The usage of so-called session cookies (i.e. that are not persistently saved on the device by the user for the transmission of private data, but rather disappear once the browser is closed) is strictly limited to the transmission of session identifiers (composed of server-generated random numbers) that are necessary to safely and efficiently browse the website.

So-called session cookies used in this way avoid the usage of other alternative IT practices which potentially hamper private browsing by users. They do not enable the acquisition of any of the user’s Personally Identifiable Information.

Elective provision of data

Above and beyond the aforementioned regulation on browsing data, the user is free to provide private data contained in contact forms or in the “Contact us” section to request the submission of information.

The data collected in the appropriate sections of the site may be disclosed to any third parties for the purposes of carrying out any such requests. In such cases consent is always required and will be elicited by means of a checked box.

Failure to provide such data may result in the impossibility to address and fulfil such requests.

Manner of processing

The Owner shall collect and process private data using automated instruments for the time required in order to fulfil the user’s request; that is, for the purposes of exchanging information or contacts with him/her. All this is always executed in compliance with the Code and is supported by specific security measures aimed at preventing the loss of data and illicit, incorrect or unauthorized usage thereof.

Rights of affected parties

The subjects to which private data refers have the right to obtain confirmation of the existence of such data, know its content and origin, verify its correctness or request its integration and updating or its correction and blocking (see art. 7 of D. lgs. N. 196/2003) at any point in time. Within the meaning of the aforementioned article, the right to request deletion, anonymization or blocking of this data processed in ways infringing upon the law is also in force; also in force is the right to oppose, for any reason, to their processing. All requests must be addressed to the Owner of data processing, that is, La Pace S.r.l. Società Agricola, with legal address at Podere Bianco Spino 65, Massa Marittima (GR), IT 58024, VAT identification number (P.IVA) 01409920533, and e-mail address info@poderelapace.com.

The foregoing note constitutes this website’s privacy policy and will as such be periodically updated.

Podere La Pace

Loc. Vivoli - 58024 Massa Marittima (GR) - Italy

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